Making Waves at Rossall Coastal Defence Ecology Park

Artist Stephen Broadbent was responsible for the design of the Mythic Coast inspired park and the wave effect bridge parapets were part of his concept for the scheme.

CTS's Structural Engineers and in-house timber specialists worked closely with main contractor Balfour Beatty and Broadbent Studios to develop the concept into a buildable solution.


The final bridge designs use 12 No unique spindles to create each 'wave' bay.  The spindles themselves are FSC® Ekki - a sustainably sources hardwood timber that is both strong enough to permit the slender spindle sizes whilst maintaining structural adequacy and naturally very durable to suit the marine coastal environment.

CTS Bridges Hi-Grip Excel FSC® Ekki deck boards with non slip inserts were used and fixed to the galvanised steel frame.

All three bridges were fully assembled in CTS's Yorkshire factory before being craned into position on site under the supervision of CTS's own installation team in a 2-day visit.  CTS's joiners followed building complementary ekki parapet approaches to the bridges.

The three bridges were delivered and installed on site in time for the opening of the Coastal Flood Defence scheme carried out by Balfour Beatty for Wyre Concil in partnership with the Environment Agency.

Published: Wednesday, 21st November 2018 at 1:55pm