Bespoke bridge for new Travelodge, Bury St Edmunds

The new Travelodge at Bury St Edmunds required a footbridge over a large drainage ditch to enable customer to access their car park.  Marshall Building Contractors were the main contractor on the scheme and approached CTS Bridges to provide the bridge.

The manufacture stage involved both CTS's skilled joiners and welders who worked together to merge the steel and timber elements required to produce this type of bridge.  The criss cross infills were set in a steel frame and were placed at intervals to ensure the safety of all users.  A durable Ekki hardwood casing was fixed around the parapet frame to provide an aesthetic contrast and a to give a craftsman finish to the handrails.

The deck is manufactured from durable Ekki hardwood has Hi-Grip Excel non-slip inserts to provide a safe walkway for the hotel personnel and customers.

The bridge is made in the UK at CTS's factory in Huddersfield.  All steelwork is CE marked to Exc Class 4.

Published: Thursday, 11th April 2019 at 11:40am