Arched timber bridges

Many customers request an arched bridge to give a more pleasing aesthetic when the bridge is viewed from the side.  One solution that CTS can provide is by cutting a camber into the beams of the bridge to give a gentle arch to the underside of the beams.

This 9.8m x 2m FSC arched softwood cycle bridge was built to replace an old existing bridge for Natural Resource Wales at their site at Sandy Water Park, Pwll, Llanelli.  The client requested a cambered structure and the most cost effective way of achieving this for the client is by cutting a camber into the main beams. 

Other ways CTS can provide an arched timber bridge is by glue-laminating or stress laminating the beams.  These options provide a more pronounced arch on the bridge and are ideal for private gardens or estates where an arched bridge is a focal point.  Another popular option that CTS provide is to use an arched steel beam and clad the beam with timber which gives the appearance of an all timber structure.

Published: Thursday, 28th March 2024 at 10:30am